Career transition

Losing your job sucks.

It’s hard to chart your next move while you’re grappling with the emotional and financial impacts.

That’s where we come in. We’ll help you through the tough times and support you to get back in the game.

Whether you are an individual or an organisation seeking a career transition partner, we offer personalised service.

What makes us different? We truly care about people.

How we do it

  • We care deeply about your success.
  • We focus on your mindset, brand and goals.
  • We use our extensive network to provide opportunities.
  • We help you build great online presence.
  • We connect you with great people.

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Career transitions for individuals, executives & teams

Organisations are facing unprecedented financial pressure and uncertainty, forcing many to furlough or lay off valuable employees.

How well an organisation handles these transitions can profoundly alter their reputation with clients, current employees and future hires.

Layoffs always create fear and upset, but these uniquely poor labour market conditions exacerbate those emotions because it is so much harder to find an equivalent job, or even a job at all.

Preparing employees for transition is arguably more critical today than it has ever been before.

We genuinely partner with individuals, executives and organisations to make this transition one which showcases kind and courageous leadership and helps employees with effective strategies and transition coaching.


How we do it…

We care deeply about your success

We’ll get to know you. What makes you tick. What you’re passionate about. We’ll help you unpack your leadership journey so far – the highs and the lows – to understand what makes you, well, you.

We partner with you to focus on your mindset, brand and goals

Leadership is an attitude, a mindset and a skillset. When you’ve had a knock like losing your job, you may find it’s rocked your confidence and shaken your beliefs about yourself. Through coaching, we’ll put you back in touch with what’s awesome about you; you’ll explore the power of mindset, define your personal brand and set goals to get you back on your feet.

We use our extensive network to provide opportunities

It’s not always what you know, but who you know that matters. We know people! We’ll tap into our network to help you make new connections and open doors.

We help you build great online presence

In a digital world, how you show up online is a crucial part of your brand and job search strategy. We’ll help you showcase yourself online without showing off and extend your reach and influence.

We connect you with great people

Having a supportive tribe around you is essential for your wellbeing and success. We’ll help you grow your tribe with people who help you develop and prosper.


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