Leader development

Programs, workshops & coaching

Looking to take your leaders to the next level?

LeadershipHQ’s bespoke development programs, targeted workshops and one-on-one or group coaching inspire leaders and give them the practical tools they need to thrive.

Working face-to-face or online, we challenge leadership mindsets, while building skillsets, capability and confidence.

How are you growing great leaders?

Leadership programs made-to-measure

Your business is unique, so our leadership programs are custom-made.


We meet with you to understand your vision, business strategy, values and culture. We dig deep into the challenges and opportunities your leaders face and the outcomes you need.


We design an experiential learning program to challenge your leaders’ mindsets and grow their skillsets, capability and confidence.

  • face-to-face or online workshops
  • online learning (facilitated or self-paced)
  • leadership diagnostics (self, 360-degree)
  • individual or group coaching
  • action plans and on-the-job projects.


Drawing on neuroscience and leadership theory, our learning experiences are both engaging and practical. Delivered face-to-face or online, leaders will gain insights and tools to be more effective.

Real learning in real life

Today’s leaders are under the pump, grappling with complex problems and competing priorities. The last thing they need is another boring workshop.

Our 70-20-10 leader development approach focuses on empowering leaders to grow through the work they are doing right now, giving them the tools they need to be more efficient and effective.


on-the-job learning

Leaders apply new thinking, practise new skills and reflect on their progress while doing their day jobs.

learning through others

Leaders draw on their network, including fellow leaders, their teams, mentors and coaches.

formal learning

Leaders participate in a bespoke learning program to ignite learning on the job and through others. Leaders gain actionable insights and practical tools that support your business priorities.

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