Episode: 17

Just Lead with Richard Smith

With Sonia McDonald and Richard Smith

About this Podcast.

LHQ (LeadershipHQ) believes we should lead with kindness and courage, from the heart, doing rather than telling, and is known for their mantra ‘Just Lead’. LHQ leads by example in all these areas and through their work, research and awards. Their Outstanding Leadership Awards also espouses everything to do with Great Leadership.

Sonia McDonald founder & CEO of LeadershipHQ (LHQ) and McDonald Inc. will be sharing the best of leadership and interviewing the best in leadership.

Want to be a guest on our podcast go to https://www.leadershiphq.com.au/ or https://www.outstandingleadershipawards.com.au/contact/ or email us at hello@outstandingleadershipawards.com.au or hello@leadershiphq.com.au

About Richard Smith

Richard Smith performs the role of Traffic Incident Response Manager at Gateway Motorway Services. He leads a team of 30 first responders that service 64km of high-speed motorway. He possesses extensive experience in managing operations both in a tunnel and open road environment. He acknowledges the need for motivated, inspired and capable staff for a business to succeed and reach its full potential. He achieves this through reward and recognition programs and being a people manager. He establishes a robust training framework so that his staff are trained for major muscle memory so when they are dealing with a critical incident their courage shines through with confidence and competence in the task at hand. By leading by example and issuing clear directions and achievable and measurable objectives, he has developed an industry reputation that is second to none.


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