Episode: 15

Just Lead with Mohit Tolani

With Sonia McDonald and Mohit Tolani

About this Podcast.

LHQ (LeadershipHQ) believes we should lead with kindness and courage, from the heart, doing rather than telling, and is known for their mantra ‘Just Lead’. LHQ leads by example in all these areas and through their work, research and awards. Their Outstanding Leadership Awards also espouses everything to do with Great Leadership.

Sonia McDonald founder & CEO of LeadershipHQ (LHQ) and McDonald Inc. will be sharing the best of leadership and interviewing the best in leadership.

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About Mohit Tolani

Dr Tolani has been an exceptional professional, community volunteer and an excellent example of an admirable leader who, in addition to undertaking full time work and research and commitments ranging across nationally, has selflessly devoted his time to various career and community initiatives. Professionally, Dr Tolani is a regional dentist, who currently works in Dapto, regional New South Wales. Previously, Dr Tolani has worked at the Goulburn Valley Health (GVH) hospital in the dental department in Shepparton, rural Victoria. After finishing his dental education, Dr Tolani pursued regional public dentistry as the choice of his career. Academically, prior to commencing post graduate Dental studies at Griffith University, he completed a degree in Medical Sciences with Honours in Pathology at The University of Sydney. More recently, he completed a double degree in Public Health and Health Management from the University of New South Wales.

Over the past few years, in addition to undertaking full time work and research, Dr Tolani’s contribution and growth within the health sector, dentistry discipline and wider community has been appreciated due to the constructive difference it has made to the healthcare, indigenous students’ education, international student cohesion, multicultural enrichment, professional development and youth leadership.

Dr Tolani etched the novel Community Smiles program in Dapto in early 2018, regional New South Wales, providing free dental care to marginalised communities and those with limited access to oral health care in addition provision of oral health literacy to school children and young adults. This has been well received in the community and increased uptake of dental services provision and raised local awareness. More recently, Dr Tolani has started the Project Smile Dapto program in early 2019 wherein he has opened up the doors of the dental clinic to offer free dental check-ups, discuss oral health issues aiming to enhance community awareness of general dental health and better uptake of patients in managing their own health. This also includes provision of absolutely free dental treatment restoring dental function and health. To this date, over a thousand patients have benefitted from his unique kind of service rising from his novel benevolent dentistry. Dr Tolani also currently sits on the Australian Dental Association (ADA) NSW’s dental Advocacy committee working on several policies and public health linked strategies for the future. Dr Tolani aims to continue and enhance the work he is doing and is currently in the midst of creating a similar model of community dentistry for other dental practitioners via the ADA NSW in order to spread the message across and prepare resources for community use.

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