Courage Compass Self and 360 Assessments

The Courage Compass is a self and organisational tool that uses both 180 and 360 feedback to identify strengths, areas of development and capabilities in the areas of Courageous Leadership with a focus on Kindness, Resilience, Impact and Purpose. By providing insights into strengths and areas for development, it empowers people to embark on their own journeys to being better at, and lead with kindness, purpose, resilience, impact and ultimately courage.

Designed for managers, leaders, students and those in professional and technical roles, the Courage Compass has helped 1000’s of people to understand and change the way they lead.

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Courage Compass

How it works

The Courage Compass has a few options and parts. You can take one or both –

  1. 180 Self Assessment: This assesses the individual’s courageous leadership styles, personal effectiveness and ability to lead with kindness, resilience, impact and purpose.
  2. 360 Assessment: Up to 20 of the focal individual’s peers, managers and/or subordinates provide feedback on their ability to lead with kindness, resilience, impact and purpose
  3. The data collected in both these surveys is processed electronically. The results of the assessment identify the individual’s courageous leadership style, personal effectiveness and ability to lead with kindness, resilience, impact and purpose and/or feedback from others on their leadership style.

The results and any recommendations are then presented to the individual in a comprehensive, confidential report. A LeadershipHQ consultant or accredited practitioner guides them through the findings and helps them to develop a strategy to change the way they lead, think and behave.

The Courage Compass Assessments are available online and on almost any digital device.

Complementary Programs

We recommend that you apply Courage Compass in tandem with one of our leadership and coaching programs. Together, they enable an integrated approach to developing individual, group and organisational-level leadership and behavioural styles.

The benefits for your organisation

The Courage Compass will help to get your team leading and behaving to their full potential and contributing to your success and courage as a business and an employer of choice. It’s particularly valuable for helping individuals to:

  • discover new ways of leading and behaving
  • improve their effectiveness in their roles
  • lead with kindness and courage
  • focus on purpose and leadership impact
  • cope better with stress, pressure and change
  • achieve self-set goals
  • improve their interpersonal relationships
  • increase their personal effectiveness.

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